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Money grows on tree

A Picton restaurant did more than add seasonal sparkle with its Christmas tree.

The Glenbridge encouraged its patrons to hang an ornament "in memory of Someone Special." For a donation of $1 or more, a memorial ornament was provided by the restaurant.

The proceeds from the Christmas fundraiser--$600--plus a matching donation of $600 from the Glenbridge--went to The Prince Edward County Community Care for Seniors Association.

"It has been said that money doesn't grow on trees and generally this is true, but through the generosity of a number of people, $1200 has been raised and that's remarkable," Stan Whitehouse, chair of Community Care for Seniors said.

Glenbridge Co-owners Larry Browne and Ron Girouard, who opened their restaurant in 1998, said they too were pleased with the response from the community in 1998 when $799 was realized and decided to repeat the effort in 1999.

By inviting people to "help us decorate our tree with love," the proprietors found people responded by remembering their loved ones as they placed their ornaments.

For information contact: Debbie Moynes (article was written by Pat Whittaker, Chair of Public Relations for Prince Edward Community Care)