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We believe in the freedom and dignity of choice; the comfort of home; a passion for volunteers.

Foot Care Services

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Nurse 1 Foot care for seniors is very important. I mean we can tell by their feet what is going on with their health. And especially if we know a client such as this patient, we know this client. So if there was a drastic change we would go further with this, we would  also talk to them to see what’s going on? Are you feeling ok? Often there’s a family member that we can contact if we’re extra concerned or ask them to see their family doctor.

Client It’s not like you think “Oh I got to go down there and get my feet done I don’t enjoy this” with Community Care they are so professional, they’re very generous in their information and they’re very gentle, so it’s an experience that I enjoy.

Client 2 About nine years ago I had back problems, I had an operation. And my feet were getting too far away, so I inquired as to their program here and I’ve been coming ever since, about 8, 9 years now.

Nurse 1 Sterilization is very important here at Community Care for Seniors. It is sterilized here in one step here, then they’re putting it into a package that is sent away to be autoclaved for a steam sterilization off premises.

Nurse 2 It’s a really important service in the community because it allows people the freedom of movement. we want to make sure that its a venue where if there are other concerns in someone’s life that we can take that information and with their permission refer them on to other, either a service that Community Care for Seniors would be able to assist them with or outside community organizations might be of assistance to them.

Nurse 1 Often you will find that if somebody is at home and they’re not taking care of their feet, the toenails will often get very very long. So then they have mobility problems, then they don’t walk properly or safely in the home. They will have a fall often or they can’t feel their feet and it just feels very uncomfortable for them. And sometimes as some people get older they are not aware they can’t see their feet that this is the problem.

Client 3 I was having problems with my feet and didn’t know where to go. I saw the advertisement for Community Care and I said ‘why don’t I give them a call and see what happens.”  They had nice ladies that greet you and set up the appointments to the very pleasant and very professional nurses that take care of you. It’s been a pleasure.

Client 2 I feel quite safe when I’m in here. Nancy and I will talk about things that I probably wouldn’t talk about to other people. Nancy as well as the other girls are people you can talk to, you can confide in knowing that it’s not going back out on the street.

Client 3 When you have mobility you can go any place you want. You can go to the store, go to the theatre, go anyplace. My wife and I are travelers, so we’d like to continue doing that. They’re knowledgeable, they wanna help you, and you can’t ask for more than that. (laughter)