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We believe in the freedom and dignity of choice; the comfort of home; a passion for volunteers.

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Client 1 My name is Joan. I’ve been with Community Care for at least five years probably longer, as a client and as a volunteer and I’m enjoying my time with them very much.

Client 2 I’ve been having a house cleaner come in for about two years. My wife passed away and the house needs a woman’s touch because a man can’t really do what should be done. So I called them and they gave me a list of names and I called one of the ladies, and she comes now.

Client 1 I have someone again from Community Care to help me with the housekeeping and it’s wonderful. She’s great; she’s a great person, fun to have around and does an excellent job. We were already sort of involved with Community Care doing a little work, a little volunteer work there. And so when I decided it was time I had some help, they were ready with the list of people I could call upon and it has worked out very well for us.

Caregiver I think the thing about it, once you get to know Community Care, the thing about Community Care is you’re more likely to call on it once you have an involvement with it once. Because it is a well run machine.

Client 2 I’ve always been very independent and i have to rely on somebody, it’s not my nature to be that way. Someday it’s going to have to change but the longer I can be independent the better.

Client 1 Community Care for Seniors has many services available for people who require them. They have lists for people who will do yard work in the summer and snow removal in the winter, as well as the inside house cleaning. Mostly I’m quite well but the heavier parts of house cleaning and looking after a house we can’t manage.

Client 2 You know that they’ve been checked out, you know that they’re gonna do a good work. It’s so hard to just go out and hire somebody, you never know what you’re gonna get. They’ve already been checked out well, you can be assured that something is gonna be done right.

Client 1 I know people a lot older than I am are in their homes and I think it’s because of the help they get through Community Care for Seniors.