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We believe in the freedom and dignity of choice; the comfort of home; a passion for volunteers.

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Peter Mertens I am Peter Mertens, Mayor of Prince Edward County. We are the second highest aged community in Ontario, so the need is definitely there for Community Care for Seniors.

Volunteer Community Care in Picton is incredibly good at figuring out what people need. One of the biggest things is the socialization; they do look forward to you arriving. They were certainly happy to have you there, and I think they felt connected then, they knew that someone was looking out for them. It’s important for them to have the daily interaction with somebody and I think that’s what Community Care does.

Peter Mertens We’ve been connected with a number of people that were involved with Community Care for Seniors but my wife was also a driver for them for three years on their Meals on Wheels program.

Volunteer The main objective of Community Care for Seniors is to help seniors to live at home. So,in providing the services and the assistance that will effectively do that. Among the programs and services that Community Care offers are meals at home, recreation and luncheon socials, escorted transportation, helping with income tax forms and submission of their income tax.

Volunteer When I moved here I wanted to get involved somehow and give something back to the community. And having worked for 25 years with Revenue Canada, I thought well this is the perfect spot for me to provide some sort of service. It makes their life a bit easier and provides a good service.

Volunteer For me it’s very rewarding, that they’ll sit there and they’re so happy to see you.

Volunteer It’s important to know that security of our clients is high priority with Community Care for Seniors, and therefore screening is done on all volunteers that provide service with the agency.

Volunteer That’s why the clients seem so happy with what services they do get from Community Care. Because they know that their rights are respected, their privacy is respected and the rest of us all know that that’s what we have to do.

Perter Mertens In a community without volunteers, many of the functions wouldn’t happen. What you get is you get the benefit of experience and knowledge.

Volunteer Community Care for Seniors is an award winning provider of services, it has been recognized by the province and such, and we’re very proud of the work that we do.