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We believe in the freedom and dignity of choice; the comfort of home; a passion for volunteers.

Transportation Services

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Client 1 I’m Shiela Ettenberry and I have used the transportation service for three years. I find it very handy, it takes me to doctors’ appointments, dentist appointments, grocery stores, anything I need that is within a certain perimeter. And it’s a very large perimeter. The whole experience gives me freedom and that’s something that I really need being alone and not driving. All of the drivers without exception are courteous. If they can help me with groceries they do and of course if they can’t they don’t. Most of them I’ve got to know and there now become friends. It’s mainly getting to health appointments and groceries. Cuz they are the mains things you got to do. And you got to do them when you’re scheduled to do them. And so I find Community Care services and the drivers are just fantastic. I’ve already said to a lot of people ‘what do you mean your driving?’  And if you’re not comfortable calling community care they have a great drivers service, they’ll pick you up at the door, they’ll wait for you at the doctor’s appointment, they’ll wait for you while you do groceries, you don’t feel rushed. Right now I’m just using the drivers service, but I can see down the road I where will be able and need to use the other services available. Housekeeping I understand, snow removal, a little help with the garden and pick up and things like that. And I think to live in my own home, which I really want to continue doing, I need that help. And it’s nice to be independent and be able to have your own schedule and feel your accomplishing what you need to be independent with a little help from the community.

Volunteer 1 I feel like I’m contributing something since I retired, volunteering gives me that pleasure I used to get from work, I now get from volunteering.

Volunteer 2 I feel that I am really helping the community, and I came to that when my wife was ill a couple years ago. It became clear to me that, how do people who don’t have a partner get to places. And that’s why I data-start=ed to volunteer.

Volunteer 3 It frees up your family and close friends when you’re older and need to get to the Medical Centres. They understand they do take people as far away as Toronto, depending on where the hospital is that they need to be

Volunteer 2 On long trips to Belleville or Kingston to talk to people and get their experiences over life and some of them I’ve known for a long time and some of them are new acquaintances.

Volunteer 3 They seem to be very happy to be doing this. And I think it is a wonderful service for the people in Prince Edward County.