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We believe in the freedom and dignity of choice; the comfort of home; a passion for volunteers.

General Overview

Client 1 Community Care, to me, has been a wonderful service for the people in Prince Edward County. It frees up your family and close friends.

Client 2 I’ve never heard any criticism honestly in my sojourn years so far about Community Care for Seniors, it has a fine reputation.

Client 3 I had just moved up here and i didn’t know anyone, so I thought maybe if I got out to Wii bowling It’d give me a chance to meet people and I’ve met a lot of nice people and I look forward to it every Tuesday.

Client 4 Nancy as well as the other girls are people you can talk to you can confide in

Client 5 You can discuss anything with them and know you have true confidence with these people that are here looking after you.

Nurse This is the thing that i love mostly about foot care. This is great, this is wonderful, but it’s the communication, the trust level and it makes you feel very good.

Client 6 Everybody is very gracious and try to help you as much as they can. As far as I’m concerned they do a wonderful job.

Volunteer 1 In one sense we’re giving back to the community. We’re trying to help people who need a little assistance.

Client 7 They’re knowledgeable, they want to help you, and you can’t ask for more than that.

Caregiver The reassurance factor comes in several ways. One of them is that we know for sure that mother is ok. The other reassurance factor is that we know she is getting good nutrition. And she enjoys it, more than anything she enjoys it.

Client 8 People want to be in their homes, they don’t want to end up in hospital, so to the extent that you can stay in your home, we have changed our bathrooms, we’ve changed our floors. We are trying to hope for at least another five more years or so in the home. And Community Care for Seniors gives a lot of other services other than the frozen foods. And if ultimately we can’t drive we can get drivers from them and so on. So they are providing the services that the government is certainly they’re interested in.