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Volunteer of the Year 2011

Volunteer of the Year 2011 – Helen Williams


Good Afternoon. My name is Jennifer Johnston and I am one of the Coordinators here at Community Care. I am currently the program lead for the Meals on Wheels program.

I believe the two most important parts of our Meals on Wheels program are the quality of the food and the wonderful volunteers who are dedicated to delivering them. Today I will be speaking about one of these wonderful volunteers.

Volunteering to deliver meals to seniors in our community requires a caring spirit, and I can tell you that Helen Williams, this year's Volunteer of the Year is a very caring person.

Volunteer of the Year 2011

Helen has been volunteering with Community Care since 1996. She currently is a regular volunteer with our Meals on Wheels program; and has been delivering each week on Wednesdays to the Bloomfield/ Wellington area since 2005. To give you a better sense of what that entails, think about getting in the car, week after week, to deliver a meal route, rain or snow, for 6 years. That is commitment.

Volunteering is something Helen has always been passionate about. Helen has been giving back to this community for many years.

Helen was born in Mitchell, Ontario – near Stratford, and was a teacher for a few years before getting married. She met her husband Bob in Toronto at a 4 H conference.

After Helen & Bob were married, they purchased a farm near the original Williams Family Farm just outside of Bloomfield. Together they have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Helen was a stay at home wife and mother, but Helen was not one to stay at home. She has always been very actively involved in her community.

Helen has volunteered with many charities, as well as being extremely active in her church. Helen and Bob were part of the original group that spear-headed the Waring Creek Association, and have been active in that group ever since. Helen has played a very important role in leading many 4H clubs throughout the years. She has also participated at the Provincial level as part of the Provincial 4-H Council.

Helen has always been willing to support the causes she believes in and she has lobbied to support them. A recent example is her support behind keeping the Prince Edward branch of QHC a viable and local hospital.

Truth be told, Helen has always been ahead of the time. Before recycling became a part of the big global picture, Helen was already doing her part to keep things earth friendly, re-using items as much as possible – therefore not wasting what could be used again. Something we all can take note of.

Helen is very passionate about Prince Edward County and proud to call this her home. Whenever she has out-of-town guests come to visit, she takes them on a tour of the County and shares the history of it.

Helen is genuinely interested in the well-being of the clients; it's not just about the delivery of the meals. We have heard many comments about her warm emotional support for people who are going through a difficult time. She is a very committed, responsible volunteer. Helen is very supportive in her own quiet way of all the clients on her route.

Helen, Community Care for Seniors is very grateful for your continued dedication to volunteering with the Meals on Wheels program. We truly hope that you have enjoyed your experiences and that you have received back two fold for what you have given out. You are a wonderful volunteer Helen and it is my honour on behalf of Community Care to present you with the Volunteer of the Year Award.