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Seniors taking to the bowling lanes


Bowling is back in Picton.  The Prince Edward County Community Care for Seniors Association is launching a new initiative that is sure to strike a chord with seniors.  Bowling on the Wii, a video game system that is motion-sensitive, is so realistic that seniors will feel like they are in a real bowling alley. 

Since Picton no longer has its own bowling lanes, this is a perfect opportunity for seniors to enjoy this much loved game.  Using a handheld remote control device, participants swing their arm in the familiar bowling motion and watch the ball roll down the virtual alley on a large screen.  The sound of pins falling adds to the excitement.

"I didn't know anything about this kind of bowling but now that I've tried it I find that it's fun and energizing.  It will be great exercise for all seniors, both for the body and the mind.  We're hoping that seniors will give it a try," commented Maureen Finnegan, chair of the Community Care board. 

MPP for Prince Edward Hastings, The Honourable Leona Dombrowsky, threw the first virtual bowling ball at the launch of the new program on Monday, March 10th. Over 30 seniors were in attendance and cheers went up when Minister Dombrowsky threw a spare!  One of the seniors commented "you clap when they get gutter balls and you clap when they get a strike, that's team spirit!"

"Community Care established this program because seniors who are active and involved are more likely to remain longer at home in the community.  We're also just thrilled to have two high school students volunteering to help with the bowling league.  It gives the whole program an intergenerational aspect" says Debbie MacDonald Moynes, executive director of Prince Edward Community Care. 

Senior Wii Bowling Leagues are springing up across the country.  This popular gaming system is helping seniors be active.  It is an excellent opportunity to get out fo the house, socialize and play a game in a safe environment.  No heavy bowling balls here.  Bowlers use a handheld controller with a button to line up the shot and another button to drop the ball into action.  Seniors can stand, lean or sit to swing their arm.  Physiotherapists are claiming that this game can help to improve muscle strength and balance, not to mention the fun of scoring a "STRIKE"!