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Ontario Community Support Association Presentation

"The following is the text of a presentation made to Debbie at the conference of the
Ontario Community Support Association in October."

It is an honour and a pleasure for me to be selected to talk about Debbie MacDonald Moynes.

Debbie has been involved in Prince Edward County Community Care, a home support agency serving a rural population, since 1981. I don't think that she intended to stay for twenty five years but she is still as passionate as ever and is a strong advocate for community based services.


Debbie was involved in the first meeting to discuss the creation of the Ontario Home Support Association and served on the Board of Directors for three years until the amalgamation of three associations to create the Ontario Community Support Association. She was elected to the OCSA Board in 1997 which translates into nine years of continuous service.

Debbie has brought an unparalleled passion and commitment for community based services. I have often thought that we should clone Debbie! I wish each one of us here tonight would champion the services we provide as Debbie has done for twenty five years. I know she will continue to champion the cause.

From an OCSA Board perspective, we all have benefited from Debbie's knowledge of the sector and the Association. She is the "corporate" memory and has mentored all new members on the board.

Personally, I will miss Debbie. We have had a mutual admiration society for a number of years.

I am extremely pleased that we are recognizing Debbie's outstanding contribution to OCSA by making her an honorary member.

Please join me in extending congratulations to Debbie MacDonald Moynes.


Barbara Beck, Community Director
Ontario Community Support Association