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Community Care receives Trillium funding

The board of directors and staff of Community Care are thrilled to announce the receipt of $60,000.00 "capital" funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. This is funding dedicated to specific special projects. Community Care receives 60% of its annual operational budget from the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care and the other 40% of the operational budget comes from fundraising, memberships, donations and client fees. With this Trillium funding Community Care will be able to accomplish some initiatives that we just couldn't afford to do otherwise.

There are three parts to the Trillium project:

  • Enhance service delivery and security through ergonomic furniture, computers and office improvements. Note that most of the furniture Community Care has used during our first 25 years was purchased used. Some of it is badly in need of repair.

  • Increase awareness of the agency through marketing and public relations initiatives and development of an organizational strategic plan.

  • Community Care's Thrift Shop is the third part to this project and we will be purchasing such things as more shelving, a washer and dryer and a sewing machine so the volunteers can repair some of the items that are donated.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Culture, receives annually $100 million of government funding generated through Ontario's charity casino initiative. Grants to 13 groups in Quinte, Kingston and Rideau were announced recently and Prince Edward Community Care was one of the thirteen. For further information visit

What's New at Community Care

Our core staff members are Marilyn Szoldra, Lorna MacDonald, Shelley Brown and Debbie Moynes. We have recently hired three foot care nurses - Sylvia Kempers RN, Doreen Clarke RN, and Beth Abbott RN. You'll see some new faces in the office soon. Joining us on June 2'nd will be a new Katimavik placement student who will be with us on a full-time basis for 10 weeks. Our summer student will data-start= on the same day and be on board for 11 weeks. At the present time we're also sponsoring a Job Creation Partnership employment program that is funded by Human Resources Development Canada. This worker is with us on a full time basis as well. We're in the process of hiring a new project worker in the next couple weeks.

The board and staff of Community Care embrace the opportunity to be involved in these employment and placement programs. It gives us a chance to do more for seniors because we have more help to do the work. It also means that youth and unemployed people in this community get valuable on-the-job experience so they can go on to regular employment. It's a win-win for everyone.

Nevada in the Thrift Shop

Another new thing is that the thrift shop volunteers are now selling break-open tickets. This is another one of Community Care's fundraising initiatives. Don't forget to stop in at the Thrift Shop at 281 Main Street and check out the bargains. We have weekly "mystery sales" just to keep you coming back! Yard sale leftovers are welcomed by our volunteers. Don't send the good stuff to the dump. Someone will buy it! Call 476-1555 for more information.

Summer Seniors' Dinners

The monthly dinners in Wellington, Milford, Demorestville and Consecon have now wrapped up until October. We're holding dinners in Picton throughout the summer and we're hoping for a good turn-out. The guest speaker at the Wed. June 18th dinner is Compton Singh, Canada Safety Council trainer for the 55-Alive Mature Driver Refresher Course. Mr. Singh helps seniors brush up on their driving skills and he'll tell you all about it on June 18th. We're still working on a speaker for July 16th but on Wed. August 18th we've arranged for Marilyn Kendall to speak about "writing your memoirs." The guest speaker on Wednesday, September 17 will be Harvey Clue, Adult Day Services Program Manager for the Picton Day Program that is operated by the Victorian Order of Nurses. All dinners are at 12 noon at the Picton Legion. Reserve by the Tuesday noon prior at 476-7493. Bring your own plate, cup and cutlery. Cost is $5.00 each.