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Celebrating the Life of a Loved One

christmas treeWhen it comes to celebration ask the owners and staff at the Glenbridge Restaurant in Picton. Joseph Sahadat says "my wife and I came to Picton after the big snow storm in March 1998 and we decided to try every restaurant in the county. We chose to go to the Glenbridge Restaurant in December since we wanted somewhere cozy and a place to remember our first Christmas in the county." 

Rev. Sahadat, continues, saying, "we were at the home of courtesy, a place of love and a place to remember others who have journeyed in the great beyond. The Christmas Memory Tree gave us that opportunity to celebrate the life of our loved ones and to make a donation to a very worthwhile organization in the County."

The Memory Tree at the Glenbridge Restaurant is in aid of The Prince Edward County Community Care for Seniors Association. It has touched the lives of many in the three years that Ron Gerard and Larry Browne, Glenbridge owners, have sponsored the initiative. It gives the opportunity to remember a loved one during the Advent season, and to make a donation to an organization that is rendering a great service to seniors of the County.

view of christmas treeThe Glenbridge have kept this tradition in rasing funds for Prince Edward Community Care. They match every dollar raised with a dollar of their own money. In 1998 they raised $399.00 and they matched that with $400.00. In 1999 $600 was raised and the Glenbridge matched it, making the donation $1200.

Prince Edward Community Care provides community support services to seniors in Prince Edward County. The agency is partially funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The rest of the budget is realized through fundraising and donations. The office is located in The Armoury, 206 Main Street, in Picton.

If you want to make a difference, go to the Glenbridge and hang an ornament on the Christmas Memory Tree and make a donation in 2000.



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